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Adam Thomas4.04.2012.

Airtime 2.0.3 has been released in order to fix security issues. The issues relate to pypo permissions and monit permissions and are deemed critical. Upgrade is strongly recommended for users on all versions of Airtime.

Airtime 2.0.x versions support upgrading from version 1.8.0 and above. If you are running a production server with a version of Airtime prior to 1.8.0, you should upgrade it to version 1.8.0 before continuing. Before upgrading any production Airtime server, you should back up.

If you have deployed Airtime using apt-get, install with:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If you have used the manual method you should repeat the installation steps of downloading and unpacking the tarball to an installation directory, and running the airtime-install script. The installation script will detect an existing Airtime deployment and back up any configuration files that it finds.

Full upgrade information can be found here.

To install Airtime for the first time, visit our download page.

The new tarball for Airtime 2.0.3 is here. (SourceForge is mirroring very slowly today. If the file does not appear, please refresh.)

If you have any issues with your upgrade or questions, head over to our forum.

What's new in Airtime 2?

And, just to jog your memory, here’s what’s new in the 2.0.x series in general...

Stream configuration through the browser

You can now have up to three streams with different bitrates and point them to different Icecast/SHOUTcast servers. Any connection problems between Liquidsoap and Icecast are shown in the interface (no more blaming Airtime for your misconfigured Icecast server!)

Better playlists

First up, the playlist now expands as you add items instead of keeping everything within a small scrolled box.. There's better error checking in cases where two users alter the same data at the same time now too. We removed the intermediate "Add Playlist" screen where it asked you to fill in the name and description of the playlist. This wasnt necessary since everything could be changed from the playlist editor itself. And finally, you can now right-click on an item in the library to see the metadata for the audio file.

Clever calendar!

Ability to change the day a week starts on. Your view settings are now saved in the calendar (time scale and time increments) and playlists (number of items displayed, search term), so when you browse away and return, they'll be remembered.

SoundCloud enhancements

Airtime's native integration with SoundCloud just got better! You can now upload any clip to SoundCloud (not just the recorded shows as it was in previous versions), upload many files at once, view the file on once it is uploaded, re-upload a file (for example, if the file has been edited) and automatically set the file to be downloadable.

Easily change hardware output

Change the hardware output API from within your browser! You can now switch between ALSA, OSS, AO, Pulseaudio, and Portaudio, all via the user interface!

Live preview mode

You can now listen to your streams directly from the web interface without having to start a third party application (such as VLC). Gotta love this...

Simple access to settings

Configure time zone can now be set in the browser. Times are now stored in the database in UTC time, there is no more need to adjust server time or values stored in ".htaccess" or "php.ini" files. Woo-hoo! Another thing we moved to the browser was service monitoring. You can now see easily the status of the services and the disk space available.

Media Monitor improved

The Media Monitor is also much improved. It now correctly handles the case where a watched directory or subdirectory is deleted or moved. We also fixed a very rare bug where Airtime import could start reading a file before it had finished copying, leading to import failure.

Better security

Airtime 2.0 features protection against brute-force password guessing attacks: after three failed login attempts, the user will be presented with a RECAPTCHA.

And there's more...

We've improved a lot of small things relating to entering information into Airtime (only allowing valid inputs, removing a few unnecessary 'required' fields). We also added a friendly 404 page design and a small indicator as to whether you have the most recent version installed.

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