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Adam Thomas5.12.2012.

Streams can be utilised in many different ways in Airtime 2.2.1.

Streams can be utilised in many different ways in Airtime 2.2.1.

Airtime 2.2.1 has been released with a number of fixes to improve the performance and stability of streaming and Smart Blocks.

Streaming was a major focus of the 2.2 release. Airtime can rebroadcast incoming streams including smartphone applications and web streams from other web sites. This connection can be automatic or manual, or external streams can be scheduled in the application's calendar, as can live shows. Fading between streams is now smoother in Airtime 2.2.1 and issues with stream connection and preview have been resolved.

Airtime's new Smart Blocks have also been tweaked. Smart Blocks let DJs and Station Managers choose a block of time and fill it with audio according to parameters like genre or upload date. Airtime 2.2.1 makes this even more powerful with 'and' 'or' connectors that allow complex sets of rules to be built.

Here's the full list of fixes...

  • Improved fades between webstreams
  • Fix webstreams disconnecting occasionally
  • Added 'and' and 'or' connectors between smart blocks
  • Preview webstreams in the Now Playing page improved for all browsers
  • airtime-import script now works for FLAC files
  • DJs can no longer delete files they don't own
  • Support added for 'x-scpls' webstream playlist types
  • media-monitor no longer requires a restart for initial import

What else is in Airtime 2.2.1?

Live in 3, 2, 1...

Four live assist modes now exist in Airtime. DJs can rebroadcast incoming streams managed by a source switcher which manually, or automatically, connects to the correct source (and fades between them). Users can configure remote live input streams from DJ programs such as Mixxx or IDJC, or smartphone applications used by broadcast journalists. Additionally, they can schedule these streams in the calendar, or schedule a 'live' show which records from the computer's line-in.

Smart Blocks.

Requested by users more than any other feature, the new Smart Blocks let users enter parameters (like genre or time last played) for a playlist and Airtime will populate that block randomly according to those conditions, before playing it out at an allotted time.

Improved library.

The library has also been overhauled, with huge performance increases on import and improved search. Users can also drag and drop tracks directly from the library into the Now Playing list to instantly edit playout on-the-fly.

Other great improvements.

  • WAV, FLAC and AAC support, plus ReplayGain to normalize volume output.
  • User ownership of files to help stations with multiple DJs
  • Rescan watched folders button (useful for network drives where keeping in sync is more difficult).
  • Stereo/mono streams.



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