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Adam Thomas12.02.2013.

The Airtime calendar view for Sourcefabric FM, our team radio station.

The Airtime calendar view for Sourcefabric FM, our team radio station.

Airtime 2.3, our open source radio software released for World Radio Day, has an interface now translated into 11 languages and the option for users to add new translations. Icecast and SHOUTcast listener statistics are now available too, as are automatically set cue-points and ReplayGain improvements.

Airtime allows radio stations to be programmed and streamed through an easy web interface and can be downloaded and installed on GNU/Linux platforms like Ubuntu and Debian,  or used via Sourcefabric's web-hosted Airtime Pro service.

Airtime has four live-assist modes, an intelligent audio library and calendar, and a Now Playing dashboard that allows tracks to be dragged-and-dropped on-the-fly into a playing schedule. Professional needs are catered for with WAV, FLAC and AAC support, plus ReplayGain which helps to normalise volume output.

Check out all the Airtime features.

In addition to those, Airtime 2.3 offers the following improvements...

  • The interface is now available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Czech.
  • Stations can now translate the interface themselves.
  • Listener Statistics allow stations streaming on the web via Icecast & Shoutcast to track how many people are tuned into the station.
  • Airtime scans newly imported tracks for leading/trailing silence and automatically sets cue points to avoid silence.
  • ReplayGain, a tool that enables all audio to be broadcast at a consistent volume level can now be switched on and off, plus offset in real-time.
  • Liquidsoap memory footprint improvements mean better streaming performance.
  • There is a new user management page for non-admin users.

To see all 250 changes, check the changelog. Special thanks to Luciano De Fazio, Sebastian Matuszewski and Albert Bruc for contributing localizations!

Check out the manual to see how you can get more out of Airtime!

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