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Adam Thomas27.09.2011.



Airtime 1.9.4 has been released with new DEB packages for Ubuntu and Debian that keep installations automatically updated with the latest version. Airtime 1.9.4 also includes the new file storage system with 'watch' folders, allowing stations to magically synchronise files and to easily browse their audio archives, as well as Shoutcast support, improved front-end widgets, and extensive bug-fixes.

Get on air with Airtime 1.9 today!

The Airtime software runs on Ubuntu and Debian, and users can interact with it through any web browser. Support packages and custom installations are available from Sourcefabric.

Browse the full changelog here, or check out the updated Airtime manual (and don't forget you can buy a copy of the manual online).

Airtime is a finalist in the Packt Open Source Multimedia Software Awards 2011. Please take one minute to vote for it!

Ten features radio stations will love in Airtime 1.9.4.

1) Better audio archives. Airtime 1.9 improves radio station's experience with audio file manipulation, allowing the use of desktop audio editing software alongside Airtime's classic web interface. Airtime now stores files in a new easy-to-search directory, allowing producers and presenters to find and edit audio ready for broadcast.

2) Magic file synchronization. Edits to your files are automatically noticed by Airtime. If you edit any files on disk, such as trimming the length of a track, Airtime will automatically notice this and adjust the playlist lengths and shows for that audio file.

3) Auto-import and multiple directory support. You can set any number of directories to be watched by Airtime. Any new files you add to watched directories will be automatically imported into Airtime, and any deleted files will be automatically removed. The "airtime-import" command line tool can now set watched directories and change the storage directory.

4) Graceful recovery from reboot. If the playout engine starts up and detects that a show should be playing at the current time, it will skip to the right point in the track and start playing. Previously, Airtime would not play anything until the next show started. This also fixes a problem where the metadata on the stream was lost when a file had cue-in/out values set. (Thanks to the Liquidsoap developers for implementing the ability to do all of this!)

5) Improved installation. Only one command to install on Ubuntu!

6) Output to Shoutcast. Now both Shoutcast and Icecast are supported.

7) Frontend widgets are much easier to use. Their theme can now also be modified with CSS.

8) New Program Manager role. A program manager can create shows but can't change the preferences or modify users.

9) No more rebooting after install. Airtime now uses standard SystemV initd scripts instead of non-standard daemontools. This also makes for a much faster install.

10) 'End Time' instead of 'Duration'. In the Add/Edit Show dialog, we replaced the "Duration" field with "End Time". Users reported that this was a much more intuitive way to schedule the show. Duration is still shown as a read-only field.

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