Airtime is software that allows multiple people to run a radio station over the internet. Designed specifically for independent media, it's open source and free.
Winner, Best Tech for Social Change
Digital Innovation Awards, The Guardian
I have been very happy to work with Sourcefabric for the project Mobile Radio BSP. New functionalities make it the software of choice for future projects.
Knut Aufermann
Producer, Mobile Radio BSP
In conflict zones, operating a radio station can be dangerous. By allowing the station to be operated remotely, Airtime makes broadcasting safer.
Duncan Geere
Journalist, Wired UK
With Airtime, getting a radio station together in terms of content and broadcast might not be as hard as you think.
Jamillah Knowles
Outriders, BBC Radio 5
Airtime allows site visitors to listen to our live broadcast whilst accessing instant, updated programme information. In saving broadcasts for automatic upload to SoundCloud, Airtime also saves time for our technical team.
Peter Kahler
Station Manager, WADR
With the Airtime platform we were able to train staff in minutes in comparison to other services. We decided to continue with Airtime for that reason with our all talk radio program. We now hope to migrate all future stations to the platform long term.
Don Barraclough
President, NationTalk
Normally Airtime runs all our automated programming, but for the Christmas period Airtime ran the station 24 hours a day for three weeks. It went without a hitch, solid as a rock!
Chris Weaver
Production Manager, Resonance104.4fm
We have been so pleased with the service we receive at Sourcefabric. Any time we have questions, we get an answer quickly from someone who cares.  
Jacky Tunistra
Station Manager, The Scope at Ryerson uses Airtime to schedule its diverse, wide-ranging and evolving programme from a growing group of collaborators. We find Airtime offers a unique framework that makes all of this possible.
Dominic Smith
Digital Media Projects Manager,
We have been very impressed with Sourcefabric. Their willingness and ability to resolve issues within minutes and the user interface stands out from the clutter of redundant radio automation in the market.
Rahul Bhattacharya
Managing Director, Movement Broadcast Network Pvt Ltd.
Airtime is the backbone of our scheduling/podcasting process and without it we'd still be trying to discover the wheel!
Clair Urbahn
Programme Director, NTS
Airtime is very stable and the interface is really user-friendly. It is the perfect platform for our radio project Julie FM.
Meriem Bouhara and Paolo Domeniconi
Producers, Julie FM
Airtime is stable, easy to learn and easy to use. Thanks to its clear commands and it's great usability, it makes our station management easier. If you want great broadcasting I recommend Airtime.
Dario Albertini
Station Manager, Radio Libriamoci Web
Installing Airtime was a significant step towards efficient, unfailing broadcast for us. But it’s more than just a technical improvement. It facilitates the professionalism of our whole team. Constant development and upgrades ensure our progress. With Airtime we're on the rise.
Marcin Tym-Czarnocki
CTO, Radio Aktywne
Airtime has some the best documentation I've ever seen, but the support and feedback I received from Sourcefabric was even more than I'd expected. All credit to Airtime's developers, they are doing an amazing job.
Benjamin Krause
Lead Developer, AnimeNord
Following reports of station raids by armed forces in Thailand, Airtime's remote management ability will prove itself very beneficial to community radio operators.
Arthit Suriyawongkul
Director, Mekong ICT
Sourcefabric enables independent, citizen-oriented journalists to create a news-media unconstrained by state and corporate interests.
Tom Leonhardt
Student, Online Radio MA
Airtime is the most effective and convenient automation system to use. The ergonomic and easy to understand interface makes the system particularly suitable for community radio.
Younes Duret
Station Manager, Ness Radio
We chose Airtime to run our automated night music programming. It also allows us to have reprises of some daily talk shows and live radio transmissions from club music events overnight, when no one can be at the station.
Bojan Anđelković
Editor-in-Chief, Radio Študent

User Generated Radio: Open Broadcast

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