The open source platform to help you write and publish print and digital books.
Download and Install

Booktype is a software that helps publishers, print-on-demand services and education institutions produce better books, faster.

If you want to get started but don't want to install Booktype (you need a server and some programming knowledge), then Booktype Pro is for you. It has the same social tools, easy workflows and freedom to choose your own licences, but Sourcefabric takes care of your own platform's installation, hosting, upgrades, and security.

Once set up, a Booktype installation can be accessed by anyone via almost any web browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox).


Self-hosted installation

If you wish to install your own Booktype you will need a web server and the assistance of someone who knows how to install software for the web.

Booktype is supported on Unix systems like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and also on an OSX server. You'll need 3GB Ram and 1Ghz processor as a minimum hardware set-up. It's released as open source under the AGPL v3 licence. We offer guides on deploying with Apache and Nginx.

1) Download the code

2) Follow these instructions to install

Objavi is the software that converts Booktype books from their native HTML into PDF for printing. Most people want to install this as well, here's how and here's the file you need.

Upgrading Booktype

Check out this handy guide.


Getting Support

Head over to the forums where the developer team and community will be more than happy to help. There's also a mailing list, and you can often find the developers on IRC ( #booktype).

We're on GitHub

Check out Booktype on GitHub. Or, dive into the Objavi code.