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Adam Thomas6.02.2013.

Innovate through inspiration, evaluate with numbers: Booktype Reports.

Innovate through inspiration, evaluate with numbers: Booktype Reports.

Booktype 1.5.4 has been released with multiple bug-fixes, new localizations and Reports, a way to get data on writer and book activity. Reports can be sent automatically via email daily, weekly or monthly and highlight things like peak times of activity, number of new users and the most active books. There are two ways to get Booktype. Install it yourself, or sign up to our cloud-hosted platform.

Self-hosting of Booktype is supported on Unix systems like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and also on an OSX server. You'll need 3GB Ram and 1Ghz processor as a minimum hardware set-up.

Book data is the next frontier for publishers.

Investigating and visualising data around writing activity, book creation or new users and groups helps publishers streamline their processes, or helps writing communities, education and print-on-demand serve their authors better. Booktype now allows Reports sent by email daily, weekly or monthly to show...

  • 'Trending' books or chapters
  • Most active users
  • Peak times and dates for activity
  • Number of new users, books and groups
  • Total number of books, users and groups
  • Server information (database and storage)

To learn how to make the most out of them (and how to create scripts that generate your own reports), check out the blog post here.

Booktype's interface has now also been localized into Spanish, Albanian and Russian, with more versions on the way in future releases. Communities can now localize the interface themselves too. Here's how.

In addition to this, multiple bug fixes have improved editing, versions, groups and publishing. The release also coincides with a release of Objavi 2.5, the software that converts Booktype books from their native HTML into PDF for printing. It's now more stable, quicker and less resource-intensive. Future releases will unveil a cover manager and better support for producing ebooks.

How does Booktype help publishers?

By facilitating editing and translation and eliminating the need for wikis, cumbersome CMSes, or e-mailed word processor files, Booktype aims to promote and encourage the kind of collaborative writing process employed by South Africa’s Siyavula, who use it as a community hub for over 1000 teachers across South Africa to share class notes and to collaboratively write textbooks.

Other early adopters include who aim to be Italy’s first print-on-demand service able to offer authors the possibility to write, publish, and distribute books on one platform. Booktype enabled Internews to produce How To Bypass Internet Censorship, a 300-page book now available in nine languages, in five days. The 442-page Cryptoparty handbook, an internet phenomenon that was downloaded thousands of times on its release in October 2012, was written using Booktype in three days with 20 authors from remote locations worldwide.


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