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Adam Thomas2.02.2012.


The contest has ended. The tracks have been shortlisted. The votes are in.

The Airtime Artists of the Year 2012 have been announced! 10 amazing tracks were selected by the Sourcefabric team to be included with Airtime Pro, our platform for running a radio station from the cloud. And here they are... a real mix of styles from a variety of artists from around the world. Congratulations to AdamElectro, Textured Grooves and TwoBob, Super Distortion, DITHERNOISE, Eddevil, Pablo Decoder, buggyboy and Woodpecker Wooliams!



Airtime Pro lets you run a radio station from the cloud. It aims to reduces cost, difficulty and stress for amazing independent radio stations all over the world. Sourcefabric takes care of installation, upgrades, security and server maintenance, allowing DJs and station managers to take full advantage of the collaborative scheduler, automatic Soundcloud uploads and easy Icecast or SHOUTcast streaming. Read more about Airtime Pro, including how to get your free trial!


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