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Newscoop 4.2.1 introduces rich text captions for images, plus backend improvements and bug-fixes


Newscoop 4.2.1 includes rich text captions for images

Newscoop 4.2.1 includes rich text captions for images

Newscoop 4.2.1 is out today and features a rich text editor for image captions. When incorporating slideshows into your article or accessing the media archive, editors can now use rich text formatting over plain text, giving a more design-friendly interface.

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As well, this release features many backend improvements. Here is what you can expect to find in the latest maintenance release.

  • Build_solr_fg Smarty function to build the Solr FQ search query
  • Added a NO_CACHE cookie when a user logs in
  • Added a list_section_authors Smarty block to list authors per section
  • Added aim, skype and jabber to $gimme->author properties
  • Added system checks to find whether subscription is active
  • Better errors reporting in development mode

On top of these improvements we've included a number of important bug-fixes:

  • Fixed critical issue with the backup functionality that lead to data loss when using symlinks
  • Deleting articles capability is now fixed
  • Fixed Smarty caching problem
  • System validation, if image handler is available returns error instead of exception
  • Fixed Smarty url parameters function
  • Fixed issues with installer

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Newscoop installation is supported on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Precise), Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (Wheezy), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 (Santiago).

Newscoop 4.2.0 introduced new API and Arabic translations

The recent major release of Newscoop 4.2 introduced a new REST API, new responsive theme, Newscoop theme cookbook for web designers, and a focus on the Arabic-speaking world with two groundbreaking news sites, a backend localization and a user manual translated into Arabic.

No REST for the wicked

Newscoop has an API that provides access to content for third-party applications via read-only services. Known as Gimme API, it can fetch content like Newscoop articles, organise them (in featured article lists, or by sections and topic), and then be displayed as widgets on any site (here's how). Users' data can be served as well (like email addresses or biographical information). Future development will allow data to be pushed into Newscoop via write services.

Speaking your language

There's been a real focus on Arabic-language sites in the run-up to this release. We celebrated the launch of two amazing new sites in Yemen and Sudan (Yemen's Women Power and Al-Taghyeer). The team have also localized the entire Newscoop interface, and our amazing community contributed to translating the Newscoop user manual. Many thanks to Cullen Reddy and Mohamed Essam for the Arabic localization, and Elene Margvelashvili for the Georgian localization.

Plugins system

We've included an early version of the redesigned Newscoop plugins system with this release. This will allow people to build plugins for everything from paywalls to polls. The new plugin system is based on Symfony Bundles so we are now able to use Packagist to maintain and update our plugins. This allows for more flexibility and better community integration in Newscoop. Want to make a plugin? Check out our handy guide.