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Adam Thomas25.04.2012.

Newscoop 4 is our open CMS for news and it is out today! Developed and used by news organisations like Switzerland's TagesWocheElPeriódico de Guatemala and Yemen Times, Newscoop 4 aims to help independent news organisations manage online publications, enrich content and find new audiences.

Newscoop Pro is the range of services we offer that help to make your Newscoop site even better. From web design to hosting, technical support to feature development, our global team of experts takes care of things so you can concentrate on making great content.

Ten steps to a better news site

Head over to the blog to get an in-depth text and video guide to all the new features! Here's the changelog of what you can expect when you upgrade.

1. Overhauled media archive
Multiple file upload, faster search and new features!

2. Drag-and-drop front page management
Use lists to add articles to your front page (or other site area) and re-order your front page.

3. Intelligent image renditions
Use Newscoop to crop images and display perfectly in different areas of the site.

4. Dynamic Maps
Points of interest from multiple articles can now be displayed on a single map on your website.

5. Video and picture slideshows
Slideshows can be attached to articles and can be managed through the Media Archive.

6. Citizen journalist and community management tools
Newscoop allows visitors to sign up for a profile, comment on articles and even follow topics.

7. Two new adaptive CSS themes, the New Custodian and the Rock Star
Theme manager allows you to switching from one theme to another with one click.

8. Improved SoundCloud plugin
Upload audio to the web's best audio sharing service and use it as your sound archive.

9. Related Article Lists
Create thematic and semantic links to group articles.

10. Better comments
We've improved the UI and made it pluggable into services like Disqus.

There's lots more too, check the fantastic new manual for the full inside story.


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