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Hosting, support and design for forward-thinking news organisations.

TagesWoche built on Newscoop technology

TagesWoche built on Newscoop technology

Newscoop Pro helps media organisations worldwide build better, more profitable online news publications with a professional range of services built around Sourcefabric's award-winning open source CMS.

Built by journalists, for journalists, Newscoop Pro offers a variety of hosting and support plans so your journalists can concentrate on making news. Newscoop opens up new subscriber and advertising revenue streams and increases both the efficiency of your newsroom and the value and reach of your content. We offer...

  • managed hosting
  • long-term support plans
  • migration from and adaptation of existing platforms
  • full project lifecycle project management
  • consultation on business strategy and revenue-generation
  • custom software feature development
  • in-house design and implementation
  • extensive training and documentation as standard

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How can Newscoop Pro work for you?

Newscoop Pro is perfect for online newspapers, but is also used by a huge variety of other organisations including radio stations, student media, online newsletters and community sites. Here are a few examples of what's on offer from our fully customisable packages.

(These are just examples! Hosting prices can be much lower, and depend on site traffic and level of Sourcefabric maintenance.) 

Type of organisation: Small community site
Number of staff: 2
Total spend: Hosting, security and support package at EUR 100 a month

This organisation needed more than a blog, but didn't have the money to pay a local developer to firstly configure and then maintain a website. Sourcefabric provided them with a ready-installed version on a cloud-hosted server. Their designer and webmaster can customise the site at any time, but don't have to worry about server maintenance, power outages or security risks. Sourcefabric even upgrades them to the latest version automatically so they get all the newest features.

Type of organisation: Local news organisation
Number of staff: 8
Total spend: EUR 15,000 for concept and design, EUR 100 a month hosting

A group of local journalists have funding to set up an online news site, but they don't have anyone technical or design-oriented on their team. They know exactly what they want however, so they approach Sourcefabric and the two organisations work together to work on wireframes and a design. Once they're happy, Sourcefabric builds this custom site (adding in a paywall and subscriber section along the way) for web and mobile and then hosts, maintains and upgrades the site

Type of organisation: Regional news organisation
Number of staff: 45
Total spend: EUR 100,000 for concept, design, migration, implementation and feature development

This regional newspaper have a full technical team and server rack, so they approach Sourcefabric for the flexibility of Newscoop and the team's expertise with designing digital workflows. Encompassing everything from building their newsroom, to strategic business and digital product analysis, Sourcefabric works alongside them to prepare for the migration of all their old content to the new system. Meanwhile, a dedicated team of Sourcefabric engineers and designers is not only building their website, but also developing some brand new features (including integration with their favourite print design tool) so that they can bring together their web and print teams for a coherent converged, digital-first newsroom.

Our approach to making better news sites.

The TagesWoche homepage.

The TagesWoche homepage.

Newscoop Pro was designed to make your content easier to create, easier to publish and easier to monetize. Here's your three-step process to a better news site...

1. Conception and Brand

The initial concept and brand development is a vital part of your project. We work with you and designers (yours or ours) to set-up an overall vision for the site and a strategy for its implementation. This of course includes detailed technical research and feature specifications, plus a full site concept and sitemap.

2. Web-design and Templating

Here's where it gets exciting. Initially we design your site's identity (thinking web, mobile, tablet at all times) and then drill down to individual section and page design. Next comes the development of Javascript and CSS base for your site's templates and then the coding of those templates themselves (including special Sencha-Touch mobile apps should you wish).

3. User Management & Community

Getting the most from your team is one of Newscoop's core strengths. Let us structure your digital workflow and create specific user roles and permissions that fits your organisation perfectly, whilst remaining flexible enough to grow later. We can help you decide on an appropriate community strategy too, with user profiles, comments and even blogs for your readers. The integration of social media and great SEO is paramount throughout the process.

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