We are particularly excited about the interactive nature of this website and the information that it provides. The website encourages active engagement from all development stakeholders in West Africa, Africa and other parts of the world.
Nana Afadzinu
Executive Director, WACSI
Future 12 rewards something new in digital news. Sourcefabric convinced us all with their impressive open-source tools for journalists.
Future 12 Award, International Journalism Festival
Working with Sourcefabric has been great for so many reasons. Our relationship was much more than customer/supplier. Sourcefabric has a culture similar to ours. We both believe in a more democratic media environment.
Leonardo Attuch
Founder, Brasil 247
Newscoop is very helpful for Al Taghyeer because it fully works in Arabic language and because it's easy to use
Ms. Rasha Awad
Editor in Chief, Al Taghyeer
The things that I liked most working with Sourcefabric were the easy-going co-operation during the design process, the efficiency of their problem-solving and their openness towards unconventional ideas from the editorial team.
Remo Leupin
Chief Editor, Print, TagesWoche
Sourcefabric is helping us to create a user-friendly news website that is easy to manage. The Sourcefabric team shares our vision and makes our lives easier by providing fresh ideas.
Tamila Varshalomidze
Media Manager, Newscafe.ge
Working with Sourcefabric, Newscoop and open source technology has provided us with an opportunity. We're glad to know we're pioneering something that will become widespread.
Peter Kahler
Station Manager, WADR
I really appreciated working with Sourcefabric, especially in the days before launching zentral+. I experienced the Sourcefabric team as very helpful and friendly.
Yvonne Anliker
Chief Editor zentral+, zentral+
In addition to excellent consulting, Sourcefabric provides many different services including secure, cost-effective hosting. They really understood how important high quality journalism is.
Nestan Tsetskhladze
Editor-in-Chief, Netgazeti
We have been so pleased with the service we receive at Sourcefabric. Any time we have questions, we get an answer quickly from someone who cares.  
Jacky Tunistra
Station Manager, The Scope at Ryerson
We had an outstanding experience working with Sourcefabric. Customising Newscoop and the overall development effort is a very positive story that we are sharing with news teams and potential clients in Switzerland and abroad.
Oleg Lavrovsky
Project Manager, Apps with love
Powerful CMS with great capabilities and simple for content managing, easy to integrate photos and videos. Has everything you need for a news site.
Oksana Alekseeva
Journalist and website editor, sn-plus.com
Newscoop has allowed us to develop a high level of interactivity with our readers. It's possible for us to build photo galleries, editorial content and blogs on a single software solution.
Juan Luis Font
Director, elPeriódico de Guatemala
Using Sourcefabric’s news platform we've built a modern on-line publication. Its interface is user-friendly and intuitive and the developer team are constantly working to improve the product.
Tatsiana Piskur
Marketing, Brestskaya Gazeta
Working with Sourcefabric was such a good experience. They provided prompt feedback, good communication, professionalism and cooperation in the designing process .
Nadia Al Sakkaf
Yemen21Forum Director, Yemen's Women Power
Soucefabric's content management system has made publishing so easy for us that we now have more time to focus on the important stuff: producing high quality journalism.
Carlos Dada
Editorial Director, El Faro
My favourite feature is the automated publishing scheduler. Planning in advance really clears your schedule.
Stephanie Wurster
Editor, fluter.de
The undisputed advantage of Newscoop is that it's developed specifically for media. A flexible, configurable modular system and ease of design changes allow us to quickly implement our new ideas and projects.
Larisa Shapovalova
Site Editor, svabodaby.net
The fact that the CMS is designed for media and news web-resources makes it attractive for us. And the interface is user-friendly and simple to learn even for an ordinary, non-technical-minded user.
Dmitry Koval
CEO, Alamut
Newscoop Pro has been a great experience so far. The back end is really easy going and the support team is fast.
Luis Assardo
Online Editor and Technology Manager, Contrapoder
Initially there were a lot of questions, but excellent support and responsive experts helped solve these issues competently and quickly. To my mind Newscoop is a nice option for a news on-line resource. We taught our staff to work with the CMS fast enough.
Vasenin Artjom
web-designer, News of Nojabrjsk
Newscoop works well for us in the educational environment. Students can be given roles (and these can be rotated by us) and it seems to give them a sense of knowing what they are doing and how that fits in with the site.
Hadrian Cawthorne
IT Manager in the Department of Journalism Studies, JUSNews
Sourcefabric’s user interface is convenient to work with and creating articles is fast. The system is easy to use and has many services and opportunities for news publishers.
Denis Vasilkov
Journalist and Photographer, Gorad.by
Since 2008 we've been using Sourcefabric’s CMS for the speed and simplicity of handling articles, attaching photos, integrating audio & video, moderating comments and embedding codes for Youtube & Soundcloud.
Vitaut Rudnik
Chief Editor, Tvoj Styl
I started to develop with Newscoop recently because its template development language is easy, intuitive and simpler than other CMSes.
Aleksey Hudochenkov
Freelance Developer,

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