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1. What are webinars?

Also known as web-conferencing, webinars are a special tool which allow Sourcefabric’s clients to communicate and discuss our products with us. Using the open source tool Big Blue Button (http://bigbluebutton.org/) we can share screens, live video andaudio, and our knowledge across any distance. All you need is your browser (and additionally speakers and a small webcam).

2. Why do we do webinars?

Sourcefabric deliver products globally and work with people from all over the world. Webinars allow us to hold conversations with all our users and clients. We want everyone who uses our software to be able to learn with us, or request a webinar 101 if they have a problem to solve.

3. Who runs the webinars?

This depends on the topic and audience. We can share not only audio and video, but also the knowledge of any team member if a problem needs this. Webinars can be held by our local representatives, developers, coders, marketers... simply put, everyone!

4. What is scheduled so far?

Feel free to suggest a topic and we’ll customise something for your needs. Contact us at contact@sourcefabric.org

5. How can I attend?

The best way to keep in touch with our webinars is to either regularly check in to our website, subscribe to our newsletter:

or follow us on