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A first glimpse at the Superdesk media archive.

A first glimpse at the Superdesk media archive.

Superdesk is an open source system that lets news organisations manage all their newsroom activities.

This includes planning and assigning, information intake (ingest), processing (writing, editing, translating, curating) to publishing on any platform or device (dissemination) and archiving. At the heart of Superdesk is Ally-Py, a rapid development framework, which allows Superdesk to be moulded into many (and theoretically any) use case scenario.

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Given the nature of such an undertaking (and much as we'd love it to be), it's impossible for Superdesk to be a one-click install, just-add-water newsroom tool. A Superdesk installation typically involves a combination of Ally-Py (our rapid development framework), base plugins, Superdesk plugins and other components.

The Superdesk Architecture

The architecture of Ally-Py means that enterprises can combine tools like Live Desk and Print Desk in the same application. Overall, that solution forms Superdesk, which can cover anything from newsroom software to radio software like Airtime. If an organisation is newsroom-based, but at some point wants to expand into a new venture, it can just install the appropriate plugin, but features such as user management will remain the same. Content can be pooled using the same media archive; for instance, the radio station can read the articles that the newsroom wrote before they are published.

Developer Resources

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