Open software for managing newsrooms and their content.


How newsroom desks interact

How newsroom desks interact

We invite journalists, editors, publishers and media strategists to help shape Superdesk.

Join a consortium of forward-thinking people and organisations who believe producing news can be more efficient, more dynamic and more profitable. No matter where you are based, or what resources are available, we believe Superdesk and open source technology can strengthen independent media.

Sourcefabric is developing Superdesk in cooperation with:

  • TagesWoche, the ground-breaking hybrid newspaper from Basel (Switzerland)
  • Global Editors Network, who partnered with us on Live Blog
  • El Faro, the first internet-only newspaper in Latin America (El Salvador)
  • Nepali Times, a world-class English language weekly from Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • Media Helping Media, a training and consultancy outfit headed by media strategist David Brewer

You can partner with us by contributing your ideas, use cases, programmers and funding. We have NDAs with major international news partners too - we are open to collaborations of all types.

Together we can not only make sure Superdesk will be the right fit for you, but that it will develop faster and farther.

Drop us a mail to find out how we can work together.