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Important update:

We are no longer developing the free open-source version of Airtime.

For a no-risk trial of our subscription service with all the latest updates and features, Airtime Pro, click here.

  • Friendly

    Airtime's intuitive interface lets you drag and drop shows for simple programming.
  • Plays well with others

    Organise and collaborate with producers, DJs and programmers, wherever they are.
  • Likes to share

    Stream direct to Icecast or SHOUTcast, and show what's playing with widgets.


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Quick start your own internet radio station

Airtime Pro is easy to use and makes the lives of online broadcasters a little simpler.
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What can you do with Airtime?

Airtime is a simple, open source platform that lets you broadcast streaming radio on the web.

Drag, drop and play

Airtime helps you schedule your content with an interface as familiar and intuitive as Google Calendar.

  • Build great shows

    Add interviews, adverts or any other audio file to playlists that you can save and use again and again.
  • Manage your team

    Assign producers to programme slots and give them just the right level of control.
  • Broadcast live

    Drag and drop scheduled audio to switch to an incoming live stream — even from a producer's phone.
  • Program faster

    Just enter the parameters for the content you want in the show. Airtime will generate the playlist automatically.
  • Save time and effort

    Add or remove content and reorder tracks for several shows at once with the Airtime show linking option.
  • Stream direct

    Stream directly to up to three Icecast or SHOUTcast servers even without a soundcard or mixer.

Ready to start your own internet station?

Dive deeper with our complete guide to launching an online radio station from home.