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Because great minds often have the same questions

  • Who can use Booktype?

    Anyone. Booktype lets you create books to open up new revenue streams and reach new audiences. Newsrooms, print-on-demand services, universities and non-profits have all used Booktype. Meet some members of the Booktype community.

  • What is the difference between Booktype and Booktype Pro?

    Both Booktype and Booktype Pro let you produce beautiful, engaging books in minutes. Booktype is free and open source software that helps you write and publish print and digital books. Booktype Pro is software as a service (SAAS). When you sign up for Booktype Pro, Sourcefabric takes care of the install, hosting and security for you. Get a free trial of Booktype Pro today. 

  • What formats does Booktype output?

    Booktype outputs to pdf, epub, mobi, odt and html and will export books that are ready for Amazon, iBooks and other print-on-demand or ebook stores. 

  • What will my books look like?

    Marvelous! Booktype effortlessly renders beautiful fonts, illustrations and tables to pdf, epub, mobi, odt, html and more for digital distribution or print. Advanced options allow you to choose formats, set ISBN numbers or even apply web-friendly CSS templates for personalized layouts and styles.

  • How does Booktype format my book?

    Booktype takes care of your table of contents, chapters, page numbers, footnotes and all other formatting. And it all looks great, no matter what platform you distribute on. 

  • If Booktype is open source, does that make my book open source?

    Only if you want it to be. Booktype is open source software, but you can give your book any license you wish – from full copyright to public domain. Booktype doesn't restrict you in any way. When you export, just select the license you prefer, and that bit of information will be included in your book's metadata. No platform or data lock-in, no hidden fees, no sneaky reselling costs, no restrictive selling agreements. 

  • What if I need help?

    Visit the Booktype help portal. Need personalized support? Get unlimited email and forum support when you sign up for Booktype Pro