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Manage your wealth of ideas

Go from zero to published in minutes. Booktype lets anyone write, edit and publish printed or electronic books.

Quick start

Getting started is easy. Write to contact@booktype.pro for a FREE trial of our managed hosting solution. Once you create an account, simply log in via your web browser.

Manage your workflow

When you're logged in, the dashboard shows you all your books, your collaborators and their recent activity. You can manage your workflow here or dive right in to the writing.

Check your progress

Each book has its own overview page, which lets you see who's working on it, recent activity and project history. 

Review your work

Review the current state of your book in the draft, chapter by chapter, line by line.

Drag and drop

Booktype's drag-and-drop interface makes re-ordering chapters a snap. You can also upload and store all your book's visual assets – photos, illustrations, charts, cover art – within Booktype.

Manage your covers

Store and manage all your books' covers in one place (and relish your publishing prowess).

Get your work published!

When the writing's all done, just select your output and commit your work to history. Who's a publishing magnate now?

Want to start publishing today?

If you are ready for the change, we provide Booktype hosting and services. Or if you want to try the latest demo, we would like to hear from you.
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