Power to the people

We're building a tool to help aggregate, verify and publish news reports from citizen journalists.

  • Smart app for dumb phones

    The heart of Citizen Desk is SMS, the easiest and most democratic way to empower citizen journalists.
  • Confirm and verify

    Build networks of reliable sources and communicate with them in real time to get accurate, timely reports.
  • Open source

    Sourcefabric Citizen Desk is open source, so your code and your content is yours forever.
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Want to turn readers into reporters?

Citizen journalism makes for better news, engagement and loyalty. Ask us how.

What do you get with Citizen Desk?

Engage readers and access more sources

Ease of use

Drag and drop citizen reports from social media and SMS just as easily as feeds from wire services and RSS. 


  • Freedom of expression

    Citizen Desk gives you flexibility. Grab any stream of data and do with it whatever you want to create a better user experience.
  • Room to grow

    Citizen Desk is extensible, so you can easily add input channels as you need them. Other platforms don't give you that flexibility.
  • Peace of mind

    Your data is yours forever, whether you host it yourself or use our hosting services. Other hosting services make you forfeit your rights.