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The things that I liked most working with Sourcefabric were the easy-going co-operation during the design process, the efficiency of their problem-solving and their openness towards unconventional ideas from the editorial team. Remo Leupin, Chief Editor, TagesWoche

Swiss news site TagesWoche brings together print and online content in the interests of transparency and media freedom. TagesWoche (The Daily Week) publishes daily news and commentary online and, every Friday, in a print edition that includes additional background information and in-depth analysis.

"We believe the times where journalists alone decide what's news are over," said TagesWoche editor Remo Leupin. "TagesWoche is open to the community to bring in news, discuss issues and set trends for the publication."

The challenge

TagesWoche approached Sourcefabric to build a complicated convergence of news feeds, editorial content and community input that output effortlessly to print, online and mobile platforms.

Going beyond common web and print solutions, TagesWoche needed a news platform for that was flexible, cost-effective and scalable.

The solution

Sourcefabric found a way to print and online processes into one workflow with Sourcefabric Newscoop open-source CMS.

TagesWoche staff can pull in and publish national and international news automatically, so journalists can focus on investigative reporting, repackage material in fresh ways, crowdsource local investigative work and dig deep into subjects Basel readers care about most.

TagesWoche journalists can link the print and online versions of each article, so reporters can continue to develop the online stories while the print design is still underway.

Registered TagesWoche users can comment, follow topics, watch community activity feeds, and share text, audio, pictures and documents related to an article, either publicly or privately with the article's author. To maintain transparency, every TagesWoche article has a list of sources and revision history.

And thanks to the developmental agility of open-source software, the whole process took only three months.


TagesWoche's dual format proved immensely popular from the start: the campaign running up to the launch attracted more than 5000 subscribers; circulation for the first print issue reached 100,000.

Sourcefabric also helped TagesWoche build a native iOS app to match the news site's desktop and mobile web experience. The app gives registered users access to every print issue and lets TagesWoche earn revenue from digital content. The TagesWoche app won the 2013 Swiss App Awards for best news and reading app. It has also been a hit with readers, who have downloaded the app more than 20,000 times since its release in December 2012.

Working with TagesWoche has been extremely gratifying. They have given us an opportunity to demonstrate how Newscoop can serve newsrooms. We'd like to do the same for you.

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