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Brasil 247

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Working with Sourcefabric has been great for so many reasons. Sourcefabric has a culture similar to ours. We both believe in a more democratic media environment. Leonardo Attuch, Founder, Brasil 247

Brasil 247 is one of the largest news publications in Brazil today, with more than 55 million page views per month. Brasil 247 had been using open-source Sourcefabric Newscoop to publish online from its beginning in 2010.

The challenge

Brasil 247 had grown rapidly from the start, but that growth meant the editing process was becoming cumbersome. The site was crashing frequently and was not entirely secure.

On top of that, Brasil 247 wanted to include new features to deliver a better experience for users: multiple sections, regional issues, columns, a huge community space, e-commerce, special features and many small ads.

The solution

Sourcefabric immediately updated Brasil 247 to the latest version of Newscoop, which simplified the newsroom workflow and enriched the content at the same time.

We also built a custom theme to present the site’s vast content in the best possible presentation and reduce the sensation of information overload.

We coded the new site in html5/css3, giving the design more freedom but also ensuring semantic order and compatibility.

We also revised the Brasil 247 advertising model, standardising ad sizes and increasing the number of ads per page to help the site earn money more effectively.

Why Brasil 247 counts on Sourcefabric Newscoop open source CMS from Sourcefabric on Vimeo.


Work on the site took just four months. Brasil 247 was satisfied with the new platform and simpler, faster workflow. The new site was also fully responsive to fit all screen sizes and devices.

Leonardo Attuch

Leonardo Attuch

Brasil 247 was so satisfied they adopted another Sourcefabric software: Booktype, our open-source book authoring and publishing software. Livraria 247 offers ebooks by Brasil 247 columnists and works that are in the public domain for sale on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

“We found that using Booktype was very easy to work with. And what is amazing is that we could do this with a very low investment,” said Leonardo Attuch, founder of Brasil 247.

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We were delighted to be able to help Brasil 247 improve their workflow, user experience and earning potential.
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