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Built by journalists for journalists

All Sourcefabric software is open source. This includes Superdesk and its associated extensions such as Superdesk Publisher, Newshub, the Planning Component and the Superdesk plugin for WordPress. Our Live Blog and Airtime platforms are also open source; the “pro” versions we offer with a paid subscription include managed hosting and support services. For any of our open source products, you can download, install and work with the code for free. Our code is distributed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public Licence, version 3 ("AGPLv3").

  • Superdesk

    Superdesk combines workflow management with decoupled CMS functionality, providing transparency and control throughout the content lifecycle, from news sourcing and creation to production and distribution.

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  • Live Blog

    A live-blogging platform made for news professionals, Live Blog handles multimedia files as well as multiple authors with ease. Flexible blog timelines and content curation options further enhance your live coverage.

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  • Airtime

    An all-in-one package for your web radio station. Airtime Pro offers smart automation, social media integration, live broadcast and collaboration features for stations of any size.

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