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Please note: due to the quarantine measures required by the coronavirus outbreak, we are unable to answer the phone in our Prague office. Please send an email to contact@sourcefabric.org and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Sourcefabric is a nonprofit committed to quality, independent journalism

  • Open source

    Our open source approach produces better tools at lower costs and provides a world of experience and expertise.
  • For journalism

    Sourcefabric works with independent newsrooms and media organisations in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

  • Worldwide

    Our funding comes from leading institutions in the promotion of media development worldwide.

Who works with Sourcefabric?

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Open source means free speech

Our mission: To promote quality, sustainable journalism and freedom of speech worldwide by sharing technology and experience.  

Sourcefabric Goals

  • To assist independent media and civil society organisations in developing and transitional countries
  • To build partnerships with these groups based on mutual understanding and cooperation towards needs-based innovation
  • To find open source solutions to our partners' technical needs and those of their communities
  • To make and implement open source solutions when existing technology does not meet our partners' needs
  • To foster local support centres near our partners and promote their technological independence
  • To help our partners develop digital strategies and identify business and funding opportunities
  • To nurture the sharing of know-how among independent media and civil society organisations

Where the money goes

Sourcefabric relies on the support of private donors and institutions to carry out our mission. Sourcefabric books are audited annually.

Much of our budget goes toward paying professional developers. While many open source projects are coded by volunteers who will use and maintain the code themselves, our software serves the specific needs of journalists, few of whom write code. 

Donor support also pays for software testing and implementation, client training and hardware. We also need funding to explore and experiment with new ideas, as well as for basic operations.


We rely on the support of private donors and institutions to carry out our mission. If you are looking for an information and communication technology partner for your media development project, please contact:

Anna Rohleder

Sourcefabric z.ú.
Salvátorská 10, 110 00 Praha 1
+420 222 362 540

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