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Deliver real news in real time

Create and update your Live Blogs in seconds with video, images, text and audio from your reporters and social media channels.


    Work with reporters on the ground and editors in the newsroom, following editorial workflows.


    Live Blog integrates effortlessly with your existing CMS. Simply paste the code and start spreading the news.


    Download and install Live Blog yourself, or get simple managed hosting and we'll take care of it for you. You choose! 


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What do you get with Live Blog?

Our live blogging platform allows you to cover live events and breaking new in seconds with video, images, text and audio from your reporters and social media channels. Live Blog is embeddable in any web publishing system.

  • Access to more sources

    Drag and drop search results from social media and other content networks into your Live Blog timeline.

    Sourcefabric Live Blog is open source, so your code and your content is yours forever.
  • Consistent, clean design

    Customise Live Blog to match your site’s design. Multiple themes allow you to use one Live Blog instance across many sites and devices.

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