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This new reporter app gives you on-the-go access to Live Blog 3.0 straight from your mobile device. Log in to the app, pick the running Live Blog and start reporting! You can either publish directly from your phone or tablet or send it for approval to editors in your newsroom. Your posts can be published in real time. It's that simple!

Latest release

Live Blog 3.0 features the following:

  • Managed hosting
  • New way of including social media through
  • Multi-item posts
  • Responsive embeds
  • Updated user roles for newsroom collaboration
  • Drafts and contributions
  • Flexible theme manager


  • Debian 7 or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • LiveBlog also can run on other Linux distributions and on Windows and OS X as well. While it's not officially supported, you can try to figure it out on your own or ask for help on the Live Blog forum.


We recommend users access Live Blog via Chrome or Firefox

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