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Deliver real news in real time

Create and update your Live Blogs in seconds with video, images, text and audio from your reporters and social media channels.

Live Blog is easy to use

We have built the new Live Blog 3.0 to be easy to use, integrate, extend and develop further.

Clean design

Live Blog is now a modern web application that scales well and can easily cope with the high demand of live news coverage.

Easy to use

Live Blog's interface is straightforward and intuitive. Simply compose posts on the left and publish them to the timeline on the right.

Harness the power of the crowd

Adding social media content in Live Blog 3.0 is now done by copying and pasting URLs (or embed codes) that you grab directly from each service. In Live Blog 3.0 we now rely on embed.ly, a very well known service that provides access to 300+ social media content providers.

Do it with style

Live Blog comes with two preinstalled themes. Just choose the one that best suits your site when you embed your blog or create a new one.

Work as a team

Live Blog makes collaboration easy. Multiple contributors and editors can work together in the same Live Blog. Reporters simply submit their posts to the editor in charge.

Try Live Blog free

Want a FREE working Live Blog instance on your site by the next business day? Just ask.