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Open source Sourcefabric Newscoop CMS is built with newsrooms in mind, to make your workflows easy. 

  • Not just a CMS

    Newscoop helps you share content with third-party sites and apps via a REST API.
  • Responsive design

    Your site looks great on all devices and browsers. Choose from our free themes.

  • Open source

    Newscoop is open source, so your code and your content is yours forever.


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What can you do with Newscoop?

Newscoop is an open content management system that builds better news sites.

Add value to stories

The Newscoop media archive stores media and metadata, so you can add great visual content to articles or build slideshows with just a click.

  • Spread the news

    The read-only API in Newscoop can fetch your content, organise it, and display it as a widget on any third-party site or app.
  • Find stuff fast

    Newscoop's intelligent search option is powered by the Solr, the same platform that powers search for Netflix, Instagram and Apple.
  • Focus on quality

    The Newscoop interface helps you select archive images and crop them perfectly, regardless of where they appear on your site.
  • Stand out

    Choose from one of our engaging, adaptable themes with just a single click. No extra installation or coding needed.
  • Stay on top

    Newscoop lets you manage your front page by simply dragging and dropping articles where you want them.
  • Cater to readers

    Control what content your subscribers have access to, and when. Customise each user's experience, from content to advertising.