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Because great minds often have the same questions

  • Is it really free?

    Yes. Newscoop is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3, so you can download, modify and re-distribute it completely free of charge. 

  • What makes Newscoop different from other open source CMS?

    Newscoop was built from the ground up for news organisations, with a content structure that resembles a traditional newspaper and the major features that news sites require installed by default. 

  • Can I install it myself?

    Of course, but it helps if you are familiar with a standard web server, such as Apache. The best place to get started is in our user manuals.

  • Can I write in Arabic within Newscoop?

    Writing, editing and publishing articles with the Arabic alphabet in Newscoop is just as easy and straightforward as it is with Roman letters. In fact, many users regularly switch between Arabic and Roman characters while writing articles. With both the backend and user manual fully available in Arabic language, Newscoop is an ideal CMS choice for newspapers, journalists and editors in the Arabic speaking world. To learn more, click here to read about the experience of Al Taghyeer, an all-Arabic news site within Newscoop.