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Looking for Newscoop? We’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we are no longer actively developing or supporting Newscoop. The good news is that Superdesk Publisher, our newest digital-native publishing platform, picks up where Newscoop left off.

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Designed to engage and keep audiences

Quetzal offers a professional magazine aesthetic with a fully responsive layout, perfect for showcasing videos and images.

Design by: Kronoscode / Erick Alexander Flores Barneond
Upload date: June 2013
Compatible: Newscoop 4 and higher

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Features include

  • Front page article slider and a multimedia block slider
  • Dynamic news map and a special further reading block
  • Intelligent image renditions display one image multiple ways across the site
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap CSS-Framework
  • Easy to create new skins and separate CSS according to functionality


Read more about the theme features and how to use them on our Wiki theme page.