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Looking for Newscoop? We’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we are no longer actively developing or supporting Newscoop. The good news is that Superdesk Publisher, our newest digital-native publishing platform, picks up where Newscoop left off.

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Built by journalists for journalists

Open source Sourcefabric Newscoop CMS is built 
with newsrooms in mind, to make your workflows easy.

News optimised

Structure your content in issues, sections and article types and manage your subscribers’ access.


Manage multiple publications, a singe newsroom or just your personal workflow. Each journalist can customize his or her dashboard with a selection of widgets.

Article edit page

Write easily, right away. The Newscoop editing interface puts all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

Debates and polls

A simple plugin in Newscoop makes it easy to survey readers' opinions and attitudes. Here TagesWoche hosts a debate between two experts, solicits comments from their audience and polls readers to determine a winner.

Related articles

Related articles allow you to draw thematic links between articles on the site. No complicated coding required, just drag and drop your content into place. Here Tageswoche draws in FC Basel supporters with more stories related to their club.

Intelligent images

Newscoop makes it easy to upload images and video from your desktop or a URL. You determine the image formats your site needs. Newscoop automatically creates corresponding renditions of your image. Or, if you prefer, you can zoom and crop within Newscoop without any additional image handling software


Readers demand engaging content. With Newscoop, you can simply drag and drop photo and video files to quickly create slideshows as gripping as the events you're covering. The interface even warns you if the image is too small, so you know every slideshow will look great.

Dynamic maps

Geolocation is an asset. It allows for more detailed forms of content production and opens up new location-based revenue streams. Newscoop allows journalists to effortlessly attach one or more locations to an article and then overlay this data onto their preferred map service (Newscoop supports Google Maps, Mapquest Open and OpenStreetMap). For peace of mind, data is located on your server, not with the map provider.

Manage users

Managing team members and community profiles is a snap. Enjoy the new UI and easily sort users by type and status. You can also email your users directly from the interface.

Manage permissions

Create the user profiles your workflow needs and assign whatever permission you want them to have. Edit permissions of individuals, or group them and change permissions for all.

Community management

Newscoop's community tools allow citizens to become an integral part of news gathering and sharing, creating deeper relationships with them. Here you can see how TagesWoche presents their community members to the public. Users can see all members, the most active, those who have been verified, and those who are members of the editorial team. Newscoop allows visitors to register, comment on articles, vote and follow topics.

Manage Comments

Review and edit user comments and choose which comments to feature on the frontend of your Newscoop instance with the respective featured comments plugin in place.

API Resources and client management

Newscoop gives you control over what data you share and with which users or applications. You can also specifically manage access for third-party apps and clients to resources you do not share publicly.

Public and private plugins management

Newscoop makes it easy to upload, update or remove plugins. On our Github you will find various plugins to extend Newscoops feature set with Classifieds, Paywall functionality or social media feature. You can also control which plugins you share publicly. A search function lets users quickly find and install plugins that you choose to share publicly.

Newscoop Installer

Simple and intuitive installer interface helps you to install Newscoop quickly and easily.

Extend the Newscoop feature set

You are missing a feature? Newscoops's plugin system allows you to easily install additional plugins or even code your own one.
Newscoop plugins