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Looking for Newscoop? We’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we are no longer actively developing or supporting Newscoop. The good news is that Superdesk Publisher, our newest digital-native publishing platform, picks up where Newscoop left off.

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Build stories that matter. 

With Storyteller, you can tell stories that matter with an easy to use, open source, immersive storytelling tool.

It is inspired by Snow Fall by the NYT and Firestorm by The Guardian. Our example story 'Gradac to the People' covers a beautiful river near Valjevo, Serbia. The theme works with any Newscoop publication and in parallel to the existing theme of the main publication. The theme will be applied to an issue within the respective Newscoop publication and can be easily visually adapted according to the design of the respective newsroom.

Design by: Aleksandar Jeličić / Ljuba Ranković
Upload date: June 2015
Compatible: Newscoop 4.4 and higher

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Features Include

  • A nice, clean uncluttered layout (customizable)
  • A fun to use navigation
  • Fullscreen background images
  • Fullscreen background video
  • Fullscreen content video
  • Fullscreen background images with descriptive titles and text for slideshows
  • Fullscreen background video with descriptive titles text
  • Horizontal slideshows
  • Background audio
  • Parallax scrolling


Read more about the theme features and how to use them on our Wiki theme page

Fullscreen background video

Engage your readers and enhance your text with beautiful fullscreen background video

Horizontal slideshows

Use fullscreen horizontal slideshows to give your images the space they deserve and allow readers to easily scroll through them

Nice, clean uncluttered layout

Allow your text to stand out with a clean, uncluttered and customizable layout