Future-proof your newsroom

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Create once and publish everywhere

The open source Superdesk platform will help newsrooms deliver to all print, broadcast and digital platforms.


The Superdesk dashboard is completely configurable. Each newsroom can add widgets and customise to suit their needs.

Article edit screen

The Superdesk authoring environment delivers numerous views. Enter zen mode when you need to concentrate on getting the words down. When you’re ready for input, Invite colleagues to comment on their your in progress.

Forward planning

The better part of planning future coverage is making sure you have the resources when and where you need them. Superdesk helps you assign contributors to stories and packages well ahead of time.

Desk structured

A physical newsroom has multiple desks to cover various beats. Superdesk mirrors this structure and helps you assign tasks to individual departments.

Image upload

Uploading media to the archive is simple and intuitive. Superdesk also makes it easy to add well-defined metadata -- even for multiple items at one. Image data is read automatically.

Media archive

Filter your content by keyword, media, date or license type. Mousing-over individual items reveals detailed information and lets you assign individual content items. View items as a grid, as above, or as a list.

Scratch pad

Superdesk lets you create a short list of items from your archive and compare then in a simple, side-by-side view.