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Everything a book can be

Booktype allows authors to create beautiful books for print and digital distribution. Publishers use Booktype to manage their entire catalogue in one place, providing authors, translators and proofreaders with all the tools they need.

  • Write

    The clean, intuitive authoring environment lets you concentrate on writing. For images and formatting, just drag-and-drop
  • Collaborate

    Authors, editors, and other stakeholders can work and communicate simultaneously, so books come together faster than ever.
  • Publish

    Open source Sourcefabric Booktype software gives you seamless publishing in EPUB format to all major sellers of e-books with one click.


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What can you do with Booktype?

Booktype is a simple, open source platform that lets anyone write, edit and publish printed or electronic books.

Easy to use

Go from zero to published in minutes to produce great-looking books ready for iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or any other major platform. 

  • Flex and scale

    Use Booktype in a closed business environment to produce in-house materials, online to make open educational resources, or for community based production.
  • Focus on what matters

    Booktype's clean, intuitive authoring environment lets writers concentrate on writing. Just open your browser and start typing.
  • Collaborate online

    Multiple authors, editors, proofreaders and other stakeholders can work and communicate simultaneously, which means books come together faster than ever.
  • Remix and recycle

    Import content from your library, other e-pubs, Gutenberg, archive.org or other Booktype communities in seconds. Update, illustrate, curate and publish.
  • Translate quickly

    Booktype supports all character sets and bi-directional text. The simple localization framework even makes it easy for you translate the interface into your language.
  • Control your destiny

    Booktype is open source. Download and install it for free, or ask Sourcefabric for custom installation or managed hosting. Either way, your code and your content is yours forever.

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