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Open software for managing newsrooms and their content.

One of the biggest challenges for independent media organisations is finding a publishing system that can deliver to all print, broadcast and digital platforms; the cost for those not tied to big business or political interests is prohibitive. Superdesk is an open source newsroom tool that ensures media organisations are free to define their own type of newsroom organisation, content delivery and business strategy. It has been built by journalists, for journalists, with the aim of helping the media business towards financial sustainability.

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  • Desk Structured

    Superdesk’s highly customisable user interface can be used to mirror or shape the workflow and processes of your newsroom.

  • COPE System

    Superdesk allows media to create once and publish everywhere, without duplication of effort or re-versioning.

  • Ingest Desk

    Build narratives from external sources - newswires, web search, data, RSS - efficiently with Superdesk’s professional ingest environment.

  • Integrated Asset Repository

    Superdesk will offer a single and logical way of handling different types of content: text, images, audio, videos, datasets, other files

  • Forward planning

    Prepare in advance for breaking news by storing key dates, anniversaries and background information in Superdesk’s forward planning tools.

  • Content Output

    Perfect publishing to web, print, radio, TV, mobile, eReader, tablet...

  • Print Desk

    Deliver well-structured, well-formatted content to specialised print tools, whether it’s Adobe InDesign or a legacy print CMS.

  • Revenue Streams

    Develop classified ads, listings or marketplaces, and effortlessly integrate tools to track sales, orders and delivery whether you output to web or print, radio or television.

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