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How to get involved

Our goal is to produce the best possible tools for quality independent journalism. To do this, we rely on our partnerships and the cooperation of the community at large. Our working process puts empathy and understanding of news creators’ needs front and centre.  

There are many ways to get involved with Sourcefabric and our projects, both on the commercial and nonprofit sides.

Join us!

Sourcefabric | Media development

Media development

Sourcefabric | Become a partner

Become a partner

Sourcefabric | Share your skills

Share your skills

Sourcefabric | Contribute code

Contribute code

Sourcefabric | Join our team

Join our team

Sourcefabric | Donate


All our tools are intended to be shaped and used by a wide variety of collaborators. We are always looking for new commercial projects, prospective partners for media development and innovation, funders of media development projects as well as code contributors, volunteers and new colleagues to help make our tools better and further the development of independent quality journalism worldwide. 

Commercial projects

Technology and journalism are so intertwined that it has become hard to imagine one without the other. From complex CRMs to plug-ins, tech tools have become intrinsic to everyday journalism. In terms of investment, these tools can rank high up on the balance sheet. Spending money is, of course, a reality for any business while spending it wisely is the true challenge.  

Usage license fees for proprietary software can be prohibitive, even to large organisations. Very often, this software allows little or no flexibility around customisation and offers limited support when you really need it.  

This is where we are different. We make tools for and with the people who use them. We value quality in our products and sustainability for your investment.   

Investing in open source means freedom. Freedom to shape, use and own the tools you are working with on a daily basis exactly how you want them. As you change and grow, so do your tools, giving you the best value for your money.   

Working with Sourcefabric makes financial sense and is a sound investment on all fronts.   

All of our tools can be customised and extended according to the needs of your organisation. Whether it’s about adapting and implementing what is already there or developing brand new features and functionalities, Sourcefabric offers:

Sourcefabric | Consultancy


Sourcefabric | Development


Sourcefabric | Design


Sourcefabric | QA


Sourcefabric | Support


Sourcefabric | Documentation



We believe that custom development is a partnership and we want you to become as much a part of the development process as you like. Your own developers can and should play a role in shaping and building these tools, making you as free and independent as possible.   
Interested in building the future of quality journalism together? Get in touch.

Contribute code

Joining the Sourcefabric community and contributing code is a great way to meet other talented developers, make your work more visible and develop your skills further while having a bit of fun in the process.  

You found a bug? Have a great idea? Go to our issue tracker and create a new ticket, then start working on it. You may also consider working on an existing issue.  

In general, contributing code to any Sourcefabric project –whether it is a new feature or a bug fix- is simple and follows this general path:

Sourcefabric | Fork and clone the project repository in GitHub

Fork and clone the project repository in GitHub

Sourcefabric | Work on the code and push back to your fork

Work on the code and push back to your fork

Sourcefabric | Submit a Pull Request whenever you are ready.

Submit a Pull Request whenever you are ready.


Donate your time ideas and knowledge

Much of what we do at Sourcefabric relies on our community of volunteers. Volunteering with Sourcefabric is a great opportunity to support media development in a way that works with your busy schedule. From contributing code to providing translations, we need help from any and all willing participants. 


Are you a wiz with languages? We are always in need of translation volunteers to help us with the translation of our software. Sourcefabric is a global organisation that operates on almost every continent. Our goal is to make our software accessible to people anywhere regardless of the language they speak. A lofty aspiration admittedly, but to make that happen we rely on help from our large community of talented volunteers. If you are fluent in a language other than English and want to help us out, contact us to get started or go straight to our projects on Transifex.

Beta testing

As a quickly growing and dynamic organisation, we frequently release new versions of our software. As with any new release, we need people to test it out and help us to identify where the bugs are! If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for our software send us an email.



If you frequently use our software, consider contributing your knowledge to our manuals. We provide user manuals for all our software, if you would like to contribute what you know, send us an email.