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The Live Blogging Platform for News Professionals

Live Blog is open source live blogging software that allows you to cover live events and breaking news with a curated timeline including text, images, audio and video from your reporters and social media channels.

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This new reporter app gives you on-the-go access to Live Blog straight from your mobile device. Log in to the app, pick the running Live Blog and start reporting!

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User Manual / Live Blog RESTful API for Developers

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Common Questions

  • What is Live Blog?

    Live Blog is an open source live blogging platform which enables media organisations or bloggers to cover both the breaking events and events that unfold during a longer period of time, while using video, images, text and audio from their reporters and social media channels. Live Blog makes it easy to embed video, images, text and audio from reporters and social media channels into your posts.

  • I have my own web CMS, can I use Live Blog on my site?

    You can use Live Blog with your CMS. You just need to embed Live Blog code to your site’s page or article.

  • Does the Live Blog content look good on mobile devices?

    We use responsive embed code besides the classic iframe to make the content look good both on desktop and mobile devices.

  • How can I get Live Blog and how much does it cost?

    Live Blog is available for self-hosting. As open source software Live Blog is free to use, no license fees apply. Please visit us on GitHub to download. If you do not want to run the software on your own, we can take care of it. We offer managed hosting of Live Blog. Visit Live Blog Pro to start your free trial.

  • Can I take a sneak peek?

    We offer a free 7-day trial of Live Blog Pro; no credit card required. Click here to sign up.

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