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Internet Broadcasting Software

Airtime is open source internet radio automation platform that lets radio stations upload audio, build and schedule shows or broadcast live. With Airtime, you can stream audio over the web, or even via FM and digital.

Important Update

We are no longer developing the free open-source version of Airtime.
For a no-risk, 7-day trial of our Airtime Pro subscription hosted service with all the latest updates and features, click here.

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We no longer support the development of the free open-source version of Airtime ourselves. However, you can still download the source code.

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Common Questions

  • What is the difference between Airtime and Airtime Pro?

    Airtime was our first open source radio automation software which we no longer support. Airtime Pro is the current version of our professionally maintained, all-inclusive subscription service. When you sign up for Airtime Pro, Sourcefabric takes care of the install, hosting and security for you.

  • What are the system requirements?

    Airtime requires a Linux server running Ubuntu 12.04 or Debian Wheezy. Airtime does not run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. Don't have your own Linux server? Try Airtime Pro.

  • What audio formats does Airtime support?

    Airtime supports playback of MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC (m4a), FLAC, and MP2 audio files. Airtime can broadcast streaming MP3, OGG, FLAC, and AAC to an Icecast or Shoutcast server (44100 Hz, Stereo or Mono).

  • Can I use Airtime for live broadcast?

    Yes. You can integrate Airtime with a full live playout tool like Mixxx to broadcast live. You can find a video tutorial about it here.

  • Does Airtime provide listener statistics?

    You bet. Airtime provides a graph of current and past listeners, located in the menu under System -> Listener Stats. For more information, please consult the Airtime manual.

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