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Finnish News Agency STT Joins the Superdesk Newshub Family

Finnish News Agency STT Joins the Superdes
Finnish News Agency STT Joins the Superdes

Sourcefabric is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Finnish News Agency STT to replace their current customer web portal with Superdesk Newshub. Superdesk Newshub is a part of the Superdesk suite of open-source newsroom tools; a secure self-service content store, fed by outputs from our headless CMS Superdesk.

Pihla Lehmusjoki, STT’s Head of Media Services, said:

“Newshub is a long-awaited facelift to STT’s web portal. With Newshub, we will be able to better serve the varying needs of our clients. Sourcefabric has gained an important role around the technical development within the news agency community. We in STT are excited to be a part of this path.”

Superdesk Newshub has been developed by Sourcefabric with the Australian Associated Press (AAP) to ultimately supersede a number of existing single-purpose customer websites. Branded as AAP Newsroom, it provides a visually compelling modern platform that exposes the full depth of AAP’s daily news output and streamlines the customer experience for content discovery and utilisation.

Karel Petrak, a project manager at Sourcefabric, said:

“We are happy to see other agencies interested in utilising Superdesk Newshub. Every new agency brings new ideas, new features and enhancements from which the others can benefit."
“This has happened with our flagship newsroom CMS Superdesk and, similarly, we can see that, with STT on board, it’s going to improve Newshub.”

STT is one of the oldest news agencies in the world, established in 1887. It is the sister agency of the Swedish wire service TT, Norwegian NTB and Danish Ritzau. Sourcefabric is Europe’s largest developer of open-source tools for news media. Sourcefabric, which has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, brings together minds from all corners of the globe to promote media development through the creation of open-source software.

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