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Our Top 5 Achievements in the First Half of 2021

Image by Hugo Hercer via Pixabay
Image by Hugo Hercer via Pixabay

As we mark the halfway point of the year, it’s a good moment to review some of our achievements so far in 2021:

1. We released version 2.2 of Superdesk, bringing a new digital asset management system, automatic keyword tagging tool, and forward planning enhancements to newsrooms.

2. Not long before that, we released version 2.1 of Superdesk Publisher, with built-in integration with Apple News to help digital publishers navigate an increasingly platform-centric world. 

3. Belga became the latest news agency to join the Superdesk family.

4. Live Blog and Airtime Pro continue to grow in popularity, not just because of their great features, but also because of our fantastic support team.

5. We rolled out a new accessibility initiative that is making our software available to users of screen readers. 

And we've got even bigger plans for the second half of the year. Watch this space for updates, or better yet, subscribe to our monthly Sourcefabric newsletter.