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Live Blog 3.0 enables delivering real news in real time

Live Blog 3.0 enables delivering real news
Live Blog 3.0 enables delivering real news


Today we announce the release of Live Blog 3.0 stable version, a completely revamped version of our open source live blogging software. Live Blog answers to the needs of media organisations and journalists covering breaking news or any other fast-paced event, such as the current UN Climate talks in Paris, or the celebrations of this year’s Polish National Day.

Live Blog 3.0 provides editorial teams with quite a few new features: a clean and easy to use interface, user roles to facilitate collaborative reporting, a simple embed function thanks to the connection with, which allows for links from over 325 providers and multi-item posts.

“When we decided to rebuild Live Blog from scratch more than a year ago, we knew that we wanted a robust, scalable, professional, yet easy-to-use and flexible tool,” says Karel Petrák, Product Developer of Live Blog. “And here we are, the new Live Blog 3.0 has a modern and intuitive user interface, its output can be hosted in the cloud, user roles allow for efficient collaborative reporting, and admins can create custom themes.”

The redesigned Live Blog 3.0 relies on the so-called Superdesk core which provides all the underlying functionality, things like authentication, storage, users management, etc. Being part of the Superdesk ecosystem for journalism ensures that Live Blog is ready to easily cope with the ever-changing digital news industry.

Live Blog is powering newsrooms and news agencies worldwide. Zeit Online, the leading German news outlet has used Live Blog to cover everything from elections to chess tournaments, unrests in Ukraine or the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Live Blog was also used to cover the 2015 earthquake emergency by Nepali Times. Currently, Live Blog is used by Climate News Mosaic to report from the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris (30 November to 11 December).

For more information on Live Blog, visit our Who’s Using page and watch short Live Blog 3.0 demo.


Highlights of Live Blog 3.0

  • Managed hosting
  • New way of including social media through
  • Multi-item posts
  • Responsive embeds
  • Updated user roles for newsroom collaboration
  • Drafts and contributions
  • Flexible theme manager


Coming soon…

  • New features for media customers:
    • Mobile apps
    • Content syndication
    • User comments
  • Full integration with the Superdesk core
  • Event specific post templates
  • Integration with analytics platforms
  • Integration with ad networks



Download the complete Live Blog 3.0 Press Kit


Letizia Gambini, Head of Communications, [email protected]

Karel Petrák, Product Developer, [email protected]