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Live Blog brings innovative live journalism to the ONA

Live Blog brings innovative live journalis
Live Blog brings innovative live journalis

This year Live Blog and Superdesk will be travelling to Atlanta to participate and gain feedback at the ONA Conference. The 2013 Online News Association Conference and Awards Banquet takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from October 17-19. The event brings together some of the leading specialists in the field of digital journalism who travel from all over the world to discuss advancements and challenges in the industry. These leaders will also take advantage of the opportunity to network and share best-practices on the future of journalism.

Live Blog is a web app that lets you create and update live blogs in seconds. Live Blog has been gaining traction, being used in the recent German elections coverage by Zeit Online. Finland's national press agency STT Lehtikuva have been using Live Blog to syndicate live news coverage to member news organizations, and the Swiss print and online journal Tages Woche have used it to cover sports and entertainment events in Basel.

Check here during the conference where Live Blog will transmit updates from ONA, introducing participants to the tool and sharing interesting news on digital journalism. Sourcefabric will also take the opportunity to beta-test innovations to the software. Two highlights include using the Live Blog REST API with Timeline.js and Google Docs to translate Live Blog content into a digestible, visual timeline format. As well, we have been working hard behind the scenes to build Live Dashboards, which will add a visual component to Live Blog integrating media with text. Stay tuned below for more updates from the conference, October 16-18, 2013.

We have two prototypes working out of Atlanta: The TimelineJS+Live Blog prototype is here. The Live Dashboards slideshow prototype can be found here.