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Live from World Cup with Live Blog

Live from World Cup with Live Blog
Live from World Cup with Live Blog

Covering a World Cup can be challenging for journalists. They need to report on the matches and keep an eye on everything that's happening off the pitch. How do they pull all the news together and present it to their readers?

Live Blog is perfect for this job. Our clients are using the tool to provide second-screen content to readers while the matches are going on and to aggregate news about the teams, players and their fans.

NZZ from Switzerland are using Live Blog to power a format they call "Achterkette". The name refers to the back four defenders on a football team. But instead of four players, NZZ has eight reporters collecting fun facts and short news snippets. They link to this blog on their homepage, so readers always know where to go for their World Cup trivia.

The German news site Ruhrnachrichten has integrated Live Blog in the World Cup widget on their homepage. You'll see it when you click on "Aufklappen". Similar to NZZ, they provide a stream of information around the German team and their fans, showing images, tweets and videos they find on various social networks and sites.

Zeit Online uses Live Blog to cover Germany's games. For the first time, they have used our new SEO solution, which means that search engines can see the blogs and reward them with a higher ranking in the search results. As always, Zeit Online's blogs are very much a team effort, with journalists posting from Brazil and the newsroom in Berlin.

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