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Sourcefabric’s Real-time News Planning Project Among Europe’s Best

Stars4Media Boost Phase
Stars4Media Boost Phase

Sourcefabric has been chosen for Phase II of the Stars4Media news innovation program, the EU’s premiere media innovation and cross-border cooperation platform. Partnering with STT, the Finnish news agency, Sourcefabric will spend the next eight months integrating real-time news coverage planning into STT’s newsroom operations.

Gideon Lehmann, a project manager at Sourcefabric, said: “This presents a wonderful chance for Sourcefabric to showcase the adaptability and efficiency of our software. Being pioneers in open-source technology for news media, the Stars4Media recognition stands as a testament to our commitment to collaborative technological innovation."

From the initial 14 projects selected by the Stars4Media program during Phase I, nine have progressed to the second round. Selections were made following a rigorous evaluation focusing on the transformation plan's quality and sustainability.

A chief concern highlighted by STT customers in a spring 2022 satisfaction survey was the need for instant access to STT’s news coverage plans. STT’s previous system of notifications – pushing out planning advisories at set times during the day – was too slow. To address client concerns, STT initiated a change to its workflow. It then called on Sourcefabric to create the technology that could facilitate these enhancements.

STT already used Superdesk, our award-winning open-source headless CMS, as a routing hub to send its digital content to Newshub, another Sourcefabric tool that the news agency uses as its customer portal. 

By sending planning details from STT’s CMS to Newshub via Superdesk, STT customers will be able to see in real time what stories are being planned and when to expect them. 

"To be competitive in a 24/7 news cycle, publishers that use news agency content need to know what stories are planned, and when those stories will be delivered," said Lehmann. "This project will make that a reality for customers of STT."

During the next eight months, Stars4Media winners will be supported by additional funding and bespoke coaching to bring about transformations in their newsrooms or businesses. Phase II is scheduled to conclude in May 2024.

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