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The latest updates about Sourcefabric

Superdesk: the newsroom tool by journalists, for journalists

Superdesk: the newsroom tool by journalist
Superdesk: the newsroom tool by journalist

Superdesk is for organisations and journalists with a vision to start a news enterprise and grow it as far as their ambition and talent will take them. Wherever your news organisation wants to go, Superdesk will provide open source technology to take you there.

From fact to story.

Superdesk is a newsroom tool made by journalists, for journalists, which will offer new ways to source, manage, verify, process and present the facts behind a story. Not only this, but Superdesk will allow that story to be broadcast from any platform and medium available. In doing so, Superdesk will save organisations time and money and open up new revenue streams, ensuring the sustainability of independent media organisations, no matter what their resources or location.

Superdesk addresses the newsroom paradigm itself. We're building a highly productive collaborative, open source authoring environment that will take care of the entire news production process. Ingest (wires, data, APIs), process (create, edit, translate) and output (publish, broadcast, disseminate).

From ingest to output.

The need for news organisations to diversify their output and seize new platforms has never been greater. Superdesk future-proofs your organisation and enables people with vision to expand existing platforms or launch bold new endeavors. With the basics taken care of, you'll be free to experiment at little additional real or opportunity cost. Superdesk won't force you to radically change your business; it'll enable you to expand it whichever way you deem to be right.

Whether you source your news from Reuters or random RSS, stringers or Storyful, citizens or Open Calais tags, Superdesk streamlines your workflow.

It centralises and standardises your content allowing you to move it around the newsroom to other journalists, editors or translators for further editing or sign off. Superdesk will then deliver the finished article to any platform or device - web, mobile, print, radio, television. All will be at your disposal.

Superdesk will also allow you define your concept of the newsroom. You will be able to set the degree of involvement of your community in your editorial process. What is a newsroom if not a specific social network?

The next steps.

The best news is that we have already reached the first internal milestone in Superdesk development with the deployment of the solution that now powers the new Swiss online-print hybrid paper TagesWoche.

We are planning the first public release of Superdesk, which will focus on perfecting the handling of the print medium, for Summer 2012. We'll then move on to catering to the needs of broadcasters.

If you like the idea, there are two practical ways you can help us.

Join the ranks of journalists, editors and media strategists whose input has been invaluable for conceiving Superdesk. Sign up to our newsletter and stay tuned for announcements.

And if you want to talk to us about how Superdesk can directly benefit your news organisation, drop us a line.