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The future of radio is now: ON festival Basel, 14 - 19 June

The future of radio is now: ON festival Ba
The future of radio is now: ON festival Ba
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  • From 14 - 19 June 2010, an international audience will tune in to the future developments of radio at the Radio Village - a studio, performance, broadcast and networking space in the heart of Basel, Switzerland. Open source outfitter Sourcefabric (Prague, Berlin) will team up with Swiss digital pioneers Open Broadcast to organise a series of workshops, presentations, radio programmes and performances on the future of radio for 'ON'.

    Providing the backbone of the event are three expert workshops, 'ON topic', dealing with Future Structures, Future Tools and Future Content. International guests will present trends, as well as develop new models and strategies for making radio. Guests include Ken Freedman (WFMU, New York), Chris Weaver (Resonance FM, London), Pit Schultz (Herbstradio, Berlin), Herbert Gnauer (Radio Orange, Vienna), Hermann Huber (Radiofabrik, Salzburg) and Mathias Coinchon (European Broadcasting Union).

    "Far from dying out, radio is fast becoming the broadcasting format once more." says Adam Thomas, Sourcefabric Community Manager. " Audiences are looking towards radio as site of both quality control and artistic discovery. Technological shifts in software, hardware and distribution signals are an exciting new challenge for radio. Regardless of resources or location, media organisations can now use open source software, innovative web interfaces and digital audio broadcasting to produce and distribute content easier than ever before."

    Streamed to an international audience, selected workshop participants will introduce their own projects, ranging from digital music archives and free software to avantgarde radio and broadcast politics. The 'ON stage' programme is a week of music featuring performances from Gudrun Gut & Myra Davies, Jurczok1001, Joy Frempong, Ricoloop and club legend Thomas Fehlmann that will entertain the masses courtesy of The Satisfactory. For the entire week Open Broadcast will broadcast a selection of the programme live with exclusive shows on digital radio ('ON air') and the web ('ON line').

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    Find out more about the organisers at:

    ON (Open Broadcast Exchange 02)
    Radio Village, Utengasse 15,
    CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland

    Full workshop programme

    ON topic

    Tuesday, June 15. 10:00 – 13:00h
    Future Structures
    Moderator: Pit Schultz (Herbstradio). Participants: Douglas Arellanes (Sourcefabric), Paul Baranowski (Sourcefabric CN), Ken Freedman (WFMU), Dominik Imseng (Journalist & Open Broadcast User), Matt Spendlove (Cenatus UK), Chris Weaver (Resonance FM).

    Wednesday, June 16, 10:00 – 13:00h
    Future Tools
    Moderator: Douglas Arellanes (Sourcefabric). Participants: Paul Baranowski (Sourcefabric CN), Thomas Bircher (claudiabasel CH), Màrton Dobozi (, Herbert Gnauer ( Radio Orange), Hermann Huber (Radiofabrik Salzburg), Pit Schultz (Herbstradio), Nik von Frankenberg (Radio X ), Chris Weaver (Resonance FM).

    Thursday, June 17. 10:00 – 13:00h
    Future Content
    Moderator: Dr. Martin Zimper (Zurich University of the Arts). Participants: Douglas Arellanes (Sourcefabric), Paul Baranowski (Sourcefabric), Philip Bürkler (Schweizer Radio DRS ), Mathias Coinchon (European Broadcasting Union), Pete Downton (PURE UK), Oliver Miescher (UNIKOM), Leo Niesser (UNIKOM) Christian Schorno (, Pit Schultz (Herbstradio), Peter Troxler (