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The future of the book is in your hands with Booktype

The future of the book is in your hands wi
The future of the book is in your hands wi

Booktype is developed by Sourcefabric but it is open source and it is for you. The more people that take control of their publishing needs and use and extend Booktype the more powerful it will become. It will open up great opportunities for everyone. We hope you will take Booktype and show us what this future looks like.

With Booktype you can make beautiful printed books and ebooks. You can start new books, add content, edit, proof, illustrate, design, and output to ebooks and print on demand without having to leave the browser. This changes everything - books become something you can make, publishing becomes something you or your organisation can do. 

Booktype brings book production to the web opening the space for new distributed social processes to evolve around the production of books so books can be created, used and reused in new and exciting ways.  

We strongly believe there is a very bright future for books and new models for publishing and we believe it is up to you to define what this future is. We built an extremely powerful open source tool to help you do this. Booktype is flexible to deploy, can be extended and customised, and will forever live in the public domain.

You can use Booktype in a closed business environment for the production of inhouse materials, online for the production of open educational resources, or on the 'open web' for community based production - and any point in between. Booktype gives you the power to change the way books are made, create exciting business new opportunities, and change publishing forever.