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What is the future of the WYSIWYG editor?

What is the future of the WYSIWYG editor?
What is the future of the WYSIWYG editor?


A free, one-day event for designers, writers, educators, journalists and anyone who produces text in the browser. What is the future of the wysiwyg editor? Work with developers to shape future web tools that make producing text online an easy, powerful and even fun experience.

It's an open event and all are welcome. All levels of technical virtuosity can contribute, from the web illiterate to the super geek. If you are indeed a super geek, you may wish to stay for the next 4 days and work with other geeks to take the ideas of the first day and try and do something with them.

WYSIWHAT? is an on-the-fly production brought to you by the busy geeks and nerds at Sourcefabric and OERPUB as part of #newsbeta, an initiative where coders and non-coders work together to build cool stuff for media and others.

To sign up or ask questions, please contact [email protected].


Monday July 23rd, 1000h - 1500h.


Sourcefabric Berlin, Prinzessinnenstraße 20, Aufgang A, 10969 Berlin, Germany.

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